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In the development of your business, planning and expert advice are vital.

We specialise in professional individuals and smaller businesses. Our commitment is to offer a high-quality service, combining our extensive experience in the business world with in-depth knowledge of tax regulations, where we have to keep ahead of the constant changes. We have opted for a dynamic approach with rapid responses to satisfy our clients’ needs. We give the support the client needs, providing them with new tools with which to adapt to the ever-changing market. We seek to understand the client’s business and sector in depth in order to help them to create business strategies based on our constantly available advice.

Services we offer

Overseas Expansion

We have a large range of partners we work with who have a good level of English and experience providing advice in the worldwide market. This allows our clients to plan international investments, establish strategies and be supported in the SME’s overseas expansion

Local Taxes

Advice with regards to local tax matters, taxes for the exclusive or special use of the public domain and service taxes. Assistance in local tax inspections and appeals related to municipal bye-laws

Tax Inspections

Assistance, defence and representation against the tax authorities; preparation of required responses, settlements and appeals to any organisation with regards to tax matters

Tax planning in Respect of Inheritance and Donations Tax and Family Business Department

We carry out analyses to evaluate the family situation to minimise the negative impact on individuals and businesses and ease the transition through the drawing up of family protocols.

Planning: Analysis prior to the Closing of the Financial Year

Evaluation of the alternatives available and possible advantages to reduce the tax burden on businesses and individuals to obtain the best results legally possible.

Tax Legders

We prepare all of the ledgers which are obligatory for income tax and value added tax returns

Annual Returns on Transactions

We prepare the annual return on transactions with third parties with regards to sales and purchases undertaken by the business as part of its activity and any other summary annual returns as well as for any other tax to which the business may be subject.

Tax Returns - Assessments

Analysis, preparation and filing of tax returns for income tax, VAT, corporation tax and corresponding fractionated payments.

Entrepreneurs - Start Ups

Advice prior to start up on the best legal way of setting up the business from the fiscal point of view. We provide advice and take care of all the necessary paperwork to get the company successfully up and running.