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icono-departamento-legalLegal Department

Ignorantia juris non excusat (ignorance of the law is not an excuse). Consult us.

We have a team of lawyers and people with whom we cooperate who are both widely experienced and have knowledge of many different branches of the law. They combine technical expertise with practical experience from a long period in the business – both judicial and extrajudicial. This includes experience in contract negotiation for the legal departments of various multinational companies. Our aim is always to conciliate, taking into account all the legal avenues, with the objective of avoiding court proceedings but protecting our clients’ interests at all times

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We have contacts in international markets who are experienced in providing consultation services, especially in the fields of engineering and construction and who have participated in tendering procedures from the start to the final award of contracts. These are professionals who are experts in negotiating contracts, providing support alongside local advisors who can deal with day-to-day problems which occur in the works, setting up foreign companies, preparing and resolving complaints. We are able to draw up and negotiate contracts in Spanish or English and we are well versed in the resolution of conflicts.

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In our Business Advice section we provide support regarding all the fine details related to corporate activity necessary for the growth of your company and changes within it.

Our experience within the legal departments of major companies has provided us with the tools needed to give advice concerning a wide variety of business matters, such as contracts, drafting of minutes, business start-ups, expansion, down-sizing, mergers and spin-offs and declarations of bankruptcy.

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We advise and assist our clients in all matters related to the Public Administration, appeals against disciplinary proceedings, traffic fines, pecuniary liability claims against the Public Administration.              

We provide the help and advice you need regarding public sector contracts and will protect your interests in the eventuality of non-payment by the Administration.

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We provide legal cover for the resolution of all manner of disputes the company may have with its employees or the Administration, providing professional legal advice whether through the administrative or legal route.                            

  • Labour inspections: being in attendance, defence, responding to requirements, settlements and appeals.
  • Assessment and handling of appeals against any part of the Employment Department or Social Security.
  • Representation in Arbitration and in meetings prior to legal action.
  • Representation in the courts – Employment Tribunals, High Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court.
  • Proceedings concerning redundancies, claims for quantum (payment), modifications to work contracts, collective redundancy applications (ERE), disciplinary proceedings, social security surcharges, incapacities and compensation for damages resulting from work-related injuries.

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Our associated criminal law team is highly specialised in the matter, taking charge of the handling of our clients’ cases from any point in the proceedings, putting their wide experience at the disposal of both private individuals and companies.                      

Professional legal advice on matters related to accidents at work. White-collar crime, Criminal acts on public highways (drink driving etc.). Criminal Procedural Law. Misappropriations, criminal bankruptcy, robberies, thefts, wounding. Misdemeanor proceedings.

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Advice and assistance with all types of contract negotiation:

Rental agreements, services, trading, agency contracts, franchising and other commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements and joint venture agreements. Specialists in construction contracts, consulting, engineering, services, subcontracts, joint ventures and memorandums of understanding etc.

  • Horizontal property regime (Condominiums): rules relating to housing co-operatives, agreements, fees etc.
  • Claims for quantum and for public liability.
  • Family and inheritance law: advice and processing of inheritances, donations, division of matrimonial joint estates, guardianships and interdiction, separations and divorces both by mutual agreement (negotiation of settlement) and contentious before a judge.                                           
  • Voluntary jurisdiction cases: both for persons and property, proceedings to establish ownership, judicial authorization for the sale of property of minors or incapacitated people etc.

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