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icono-gestoriaBusiness administration office

From its inception, our office has established itself as a reference in all spheres of business administration. We have at our disposal a professional team with wide experience of administrative and legal processes. This team allows businesses and individuals to outsource their paperwork and free themselves from this administrative bureaucracy.

Services we offer


Issue and renewal of hunting and fishing permits, permits and authorisations, hunting grounds, certification and appeals, issue and renewal of rifle permits for hunting

Land Registry

We take care of the filing of the deeds, “notas simple” (land registry reports on the property and any debts pertaining to it), and debt cancellation.

Mercantile Registry

Registry of business associations, registry of articles of incorporation, legalisation of the official accountancy books, filing of Annual Accounts, retention of title documents, registration reports, company certificates and publications in “BORME” (the Official Journal of the Register of Companies in Spain).

Legal, Family and Civil Registry

Processing of all types of certification – Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates; Last Wills and Testaments and Criminal Record Certificates.


Our service related to the processing of deeds involves total management to ensure the correct registration of any public document (bills of sale, mortgage and inheritance deeds) in the Mercantile and Land Registries. We also offer pre-signing services which means we take care of all the paperwork so that the client only has to choose a convenient time and date to visit the Notary to sign the document. Post-signature services are then available where we pick up the signed document, take care of the applicable taxes and forward the inscribed document to the client.

Traffic Authority

Registration and re-registration of vehicles, changes of address (temporary and permanent), transfers of second-hand vehicles, temporary vehicle excise licences, driving licences, exchange and renewal of driving licence documents, duplicates, correspondence with the regional branch of the Vehicle Licensing Centre, registration and cancellation of title retention documents (which the bank or credit company insist on if you borrow money to buy a vehicle), haulage licences, and appeals against traffic fines.