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icono-asesoria-contableAccounting Consultancy

Our accounting consultancy services cover the distinct forms of business activities - those of a commercial nature, those of a non-commercial nature and those related to professional activities. We maintain computerised accounts of your business which we combine with tax and accounting consultancy adjusted to the applicable legislation. We take advantage of the latest technological advances to securely share accountancy information and offer a new means of communication with our clients.

Services we offer

Accountancy Advice

We can design an accounts system based on the needs of the business and   assist with the business’s accounting planning, carrying out, at the client’s request, an analysis of the balance sheets, of the economic condition and of the year-end results

Accounts Ledgers

Preparation of the official accounts ledgers and filing with the appropriate Mercantile Register within the legally determined period.

Annual Accounts

Preparation of the annual accounts, the balance sheets and the profit and loss account, memorandum and management report which have to be filed by the business owner or administrators within a maximum of three months from the close of the financial period. Filing of accounts with the appropriate Mercantile Register.

Accounts Management of the Business

Keeping the company’s accounts, the analysis of the accountancy data allows for a trustworthy and up-to-date understanding of the real economic situation of the business.